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Flat Beds At Midwest Motors In Eureka

Flatbed Sales and Flat Bed Installation in Eureka, MO

Midwest Motors is your choice for used cars, trucks, and SUV's – but did you know we also sell and install flatbeds? We have a wide selection of aftermarket truck beds, flat beds, service body, utility body, and replacement truck beds for sale. Our crew has years of experience installing flatbeds and flat bed accessories. Our service body and utility body installs are top notch – we use high quality parts because we know your truck needs to be able to stand up to the work load.

The thing that sets us apart from the others is that we keep CM Truck Beds and Flatbeds in stock at all times – so you don't have to wait weeks for a bed to be ordered, delivered, and installed. We can get your truck set up with a new bed faster than anyone else in the region.

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Why Choose Midwest Motors for Your Flat Bed?

Midwest Motors has been helping customers find the perfect flat bed for the job since 1995 – and it shows. Our customers return to us time after time because they know we are the best with installing flat beds, truck beds, utility body, service body, and other modifications to trucks in the Midwest.

Truck Upfitting In Saint Louis

Want a lift kit put on? Need bigger wheels? Step bars, light bars, cattle guards? We can do it all! Give us a call at (636) 938-5777 so we can help you with all of your truck upfitting needs! We have been helping St. Charles customize trucks for over 20 years!

CM Service Bodies are Here

It’s been a long time coming. We are ready now and ready to ship. We now can complete your CM body lineup with our new Service Bodies. We have Galvaneal and Aluminum bodies to offer you. We are one of the first with Aluminum. The all new Dakota service bed  Available now at Midwest Motors /Eureka MO /636-938-5777

Newly designed cm dump bed

CM Truck Beds Announces the New Dump Hauling Body

CM Truck Beds is proud to introduce the new DB Truck Bed Model. Providing a durable, state-of-the-art dump hauling body at a great price point, CM’s DB is a robust work truck body that comes standard with superior features and unparalleled options.

3CM Truck Beds’ DB is a dump truck bed designed to handle the heaviest loads no matter the circumstances. This new steel truck bed model features 10 gauge floors, side steel hinges, heavy duty rear uprights, and a 2 point EZ open rear combo gate.

Additionally, this truck bed also comes standard with wood pockets, ¾” bullet lights, pistol grip rear gate handles, and more standard features. CM’s DB also provides customers with an optional 48” or 60” tapered cab protector, folded down sides with recessed pistol grip handles, ICC bumper, and an integrated hoist with a scissor lift.

When it comes to CM Truck Beds’ DB model, this truck bed is built to work, and built to last.

Want to know more about CM Truck Beds?

CM Truck Beds is the household name for truck bodies and has been building household factory beds for more than 20 years. Their dedication and loyalty to producing only the best body haulers has made them the most highly recommended truck bed manufacturer in the country. Standing by their reputation, but always looking to the future, CM Truck Beds is proud to stand behind their battle tested haulers.

Headache Rack

CM Truck Beds headache racks lead the industry in strength and durability.  When comparing our headache racks to the rest of the industry, we use 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" headache rack on all of our beds, this means strength and durability like no other in the industry.  When most competitors use 1 1/2" x 2" or 3" x 2", CM Truck Beds continues to utilize the thickest headache racks in the industry to ensure that your customers will have the tough and durable headache racks they have come to expect from CM Truck Beds.

No rectangles about it, we know our shapes, that’s why EVERY hauler style CM Truck Bed comes with a square tube headache rack-and it fits the truck it’s installed on. No doubt we don’t want you to have to rely on the rack behind your cab, but we know the unexpected can occur. That’s why we place an emphasis on the best headache rack in the business. We don’t weld flat steel on angle, rectangle thin wall tubing to make it appear to be strong, we place an emphasis on the steel tube, and we know it counts. When you look at our headache racks, they clearly fit the truck they were intended to fit and are ready for the job they were intended for.

Headache racks are not made to mount spare tires and other items.  Due to the constant pressure placed upon our headache racks by racks and spare tires mounted to the top of the headache rack, we do not recommend attaching these items to the headache racks as they could result in failure of the attachment at the base.      

CM Bed Toolbox Management Options!

We have two great options for storage on our popular TM Toolboxes. These options provide a great addition to your inventory when searching for the best storage solutions for your new customers.

Option 1 - American Eagle Six Drawer Box 

    Allows your customers to segregate their tools and equipment Bearing drawer slides on each drawer which are rated at 500 lbs Fabricated out of heavy gauge steel which is powder coated for a premium finish 6 drawers varying in sizes (when upper and lower boxes ordered) Great option for toolbox management

    Option 2 - CM Truck Beds Slide Out Drawers

      Economical way for your customer to find storage solutions in their front toolboxes Metal on metal and have 150 lb. rating in the out position Made of 14 guage powdercoated steel 4 pull out drawers in addition to a top tray to hold larger trays

      Great option for toolbox management

      CM Truck Beds Featured in Trailer Body Builders

      CM Truck Beds was featured in Trailer Body Builders magazine this month for our top-notch bodies. "A productive past two years helps flatbed towing body crafter focus on making better beds-and plenty more of them." 


      The article focuses on our new plant in Kingston, Oklahoma, product upgrades including our modular sealed plug and play wiring harness, and new CM products like our aluminum bodies. Click here to read the article.

      CM Bed Powder Coating Fast Facts

      Fast Facts – Powder Coating

      Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products.  The powder used for the CM Truck Beds process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which is sprayed onto a surface to be coated.  The charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces until heated and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven.  The result is a uniform, durable, high-quality, and attractive finish.

      Powder coating gives one of the most economical, longest-lasting, and most color-durable quality finishes available. Powder coating is also highly protective of our environment. Additionally, powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes.

      CM Truck Beds go through a chemical pretreatment
      process that consists of four stages:

      • First, an alkaline cleaner is used to remove and shop dust, cutting oils, dirt, etc.  Then, a rinse is used to remove the alkaline cleaner.  Third, an iron phosphate conversion coating is used to enhance the adhesion and corrosion protection of the powder coating, which is followed by a final rinse of deionized water to remove the excess iron phosphate.


      • After pretreatment, the beds go through a gas convection dry-off oven.  This oven dries the parts and is set at a temperature of 375 degree Fahrenheit.  The beds are in the oven for 221 minutes.


      • After the dry-off oven, the parts get sealed at the joints.  This process helps repel moisture and preserves the finish of the bed.


      • Next, the beds are powder coated with DuPont Super Durable Polyester.  The powder is applied at approximately 2.0 to 3.0 mils.  The electrostatic guns by Nordson are set at a voltage of 60 to 90 Kv’s (60,000 to 90,000 volts).  Because the beds are grounded by the conveyor, the electrostatic powder is deposited onto the parts.


      • The beds then go through the gas convection cure oven for 31 minutes at a temperature of 400 degree Fahrenheit.  In the cure oven, the powder flows and crosslinks to achieve its final appearance and physical properties (i.e. gloss, impact, flexibility, etc.)


      • After exiting the cure oven, the beds are cooled and are ready for final trim.

      Call Midwest Motors in Eureka Missouri for all of your CM Bed needs.  We have a large inventory of CM Flatbeds in stock, we are a full service dealer, sales, installation, and repair.

      CM’s B and W Hitches

      Innovative by nature, industry leading by design. Hundreds of thousands of people have trusted B and W Trailer Hitches with their hitches for many years. Built right here in the USA, B and W prides itself on building the best hitches in the business. That’s a big reason they decided to exclusively supply CM Truck Beds with their hitches, on the bumper and in the bed. Our 14,500 lb. rating is standard on the bumper and our 26,000 lb. gooseneck hitch is what sets our towing apart, allowing our users to live the life of hard work and heavy loads. No doubt, our beds have the finest hitch system in the business-you can bet your hitch on it.

      Midwest Motors, just outside of St. Louis Missouri, in Eureka Missouri is a full service CM Dealer.  Sales, Service, and installation, all done here in our shop!  We also sell and service used trucks, we have diesel mechanics to get your truck up and running!  Give us a call, and let us show you the Midwest Motors way!   

      CM Truck Beds takes on a New Technique in Lighting

      CM Truck Beds is supplying customers with the best quality when it comes to lighting. By equipping all of our beds with LED lighting our truck beds will help you haul with ease, when work carries on into the night. Carrying a full line of all steel and aluminum truck bed models’ our LED lights will outlast others using standard lighting.

      CM Truck Beds has always offered value to its customers. With the new way of lights for our truck beds, our products will not only have lights that are energy efficient and last longer, but also will outstand the toughest hauling jobs.

      LED lights are the latest and most exciting technological advancement in the lighting industry. LEDs are small, solid light bulbs that are extremely energy efficient and long lasting. Operating differently than traditional incandescent light bulbs, the benefits of using LED lights is matchless.

      This new form of lighting has an outstanding operational lifetime expectation of up to 100.000 hours. According to ledluxor.com, “This is 11 years of continuous operation, or 22 years of 50 percent operation. If you leave on the LED fixture for 8 hours per day, it will take around 20 years before you’d have to replace the bulb.” Different that standard lighting, LEDs are not quick to burn out, or stop working, if not at all. Instead, they emit lower output levels over long periods of time.

      When it comes to efficiency for illumination and lighting, LED lights have an estimated energy level of 80-90 percent when compared to traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs. LED lighting is also ecological friendly. Free of toxic chemicals, this type of lighting contains no toxic materials and are 100 percent recyclable. This will help reduce the carbon footprint by up to a third. This means “that one LED light bulb can save material and production of 25 incandescent light bulbs. A big step towards a greener future.”

      When hauling, sometimes the job can be tough and wear down on your truck bed. Because of CM Truck Beds’ LED lighting, the wear and tear can be outlasted by whatever situations may occur. LEDs are exceptionally durable and built with sturdy components that are rugged and can withstand even the roughest conditions.

      “Because LED lights are resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts, they make great outdoor lighting systems for rough conditions and exposure to weather, wind, rain or even external vandalism, traffic related public exposure and construction or manufacturing sites.”

      Along with long-lasting life and durable quality, LED lighting also has zero UV emissions, light disbursement, and instant lighting and frequent switching features.

      These energy efficient lights are designed with flexibility and can be combined in any shape to produce highly efficient illumination. They are operational in extremely cold or hot temperatures, and have a low voltage power supply for lighting. “This makes it easy to use LED lighting in outdoor settings or rural areas.”

      As a nationally recognized leader in the industry, CM Truck Beds will continue to provide the very finest and innovative changes to our models. And ultimately provide you with nothing but the best from the very beginning of production, all the way down to our LED lighting.

      Midwest Motors, just outside of St. Louis Missouri, in Eureka Missouri is a full service CM Dealer.  Sales, Service, and installation, all done here in our shop!  We also sell and service used trucks, we have diesel mechanics to get your truck up and running!  Give us a call, and let us show you the Midwest Motors way!   

      Extruded Aluminum Floors

      CM Truck Beds would like to once again remind you that extruded aluminum floors are now standard on all RD, SK, and PL aluminum models.  This change is going to make our aluminum bodies even tougher than ever before.  If you have not stocked this product, please take note and talk to your DSR about stocking this popular body.

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