Why Choose Midwest Motors Over Carvana?

Carvana says that they sell vehicles that have never been in an accident, while offering delivery of a vehicle you have to buy - sight unseen. And once you’ve received your car, you’ll have 7 days to make sure you made the right choice. Carvana claims to be the best choice in buying your next vehicle. But are you willing to accept buying a car from an unknown source? Let's take a look at how Carvana chooses their vehicles.

Carvana uses 3 steps when looking at cars to list for sale:

Whomever is selling their vehicle to Carvana will be asked to disclose the vehicle's accident history (They can be dishonest)
Carvana pulls an auto check report (But you must request and pay extra for a real CarFax)
Carvana staff checks each vehicle

Consumer Reports, in 2012, ran vehicle VINs (each of which was known to have been damaged) through 5 different services, including Carfax, VINCheck, and  two different "services providing information from the federal government's National Motor Vehicle Title Information Systems database”

While most of the vehicles with minor damage were reported correctly, Consumer Reports actually found “that the reports were most likely to be incorrect for vehicles that had serious damage but for various reasons were not declared a total loss.”

Long story short, when you buy a car from Carvana, you don't really know what you're getting. And unless you pay even more to take your car to a mechanic within those 7 days for an inspection, you could end up with a bad deal on a car that you cant take to the dealer you purchased from.

Midwest Motors is different. We might not let you keep the car for a week before you buy, but we do offer warranties with our vehicles, protection plans, and each of our vehicles is serviced and inspected by our certified and experienced mechanics. That way you can trust that the car has been well looked after, is road ready, and doesn't have a shady hidden past. We're open and honest with our customers, and that's why St. Louis has been choosing Midwest Motors since 1995.