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Philip Frost
After my van was totaled in an accident with the other driver being 100% at fault. The insurance would not cover the entire loss of the van so I was left with very little left over after the loan was paid off.

My wife's vehicle was leaking every time it rained and if you were the one driving, would have a lap full of wetness.

I was in need of a truck and everywhere I looked, the reasonable trucks were priced above what I could afford until I came across Midwest Motors which had one that was within my price range.

While we were there to test drive the truck, we happened upon a Dodge Journey which was also reasonably priced.

After test driving both vehicles and noting how well they both ran and maneuvered, we were able to negotiate both vehicles to a price upon which I was able to afford both.

After 90 days, I am happy to say we are very happy with our purchases and I would highly recommend going to Midwest Motors before going to a more publicized dealership for the best deals.

Peggy Melendres
Wayne was super friendly and helpful with my 18 year old son's car purchase! I definitely recommend this place...decent prices...very nice cars!

Greg Favazza I am currently serving in the United States Army, this Is my 3rd vehicle I have purchased from this business and I couldn't be more satisfied! They have earned my trust. I highly recommend buying from them!

Elizabeth K.
Found the car of my dreams from a state away! Painless buying experience with fair pricing. Loving my Jag...Thanks, J!!!