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Tex Armour Epoxy Primer

CM’s Tex Armor Epoxy Primer offers a protective shell over the finish of our products. This primer will prevent rust and corrosion developing in our truck bodies. Our state-of-the-art Tex Armor Epoxy Primer process will give our customers the peace of mind to travel off road or on untreated roads. It will give them the assurance that when they work hard, their beds will not deteriorate.

cm beds aluminum extruded floors

CM Truck Beds Announces Extruded Aluminum Floors


CM Truck Beds is proud to announce that all of our aluminum truck beds, with the exceptions of our ER model, will now come standard with extruded aluminum floors, at no price change.

This new flooring system gives users maximized hauling capacities in comparison to aluminum treadplate floors and provides a bed that is more application friendly when used on work trucks. When it comes to CM Truck Beds’ new extruded aluminum floors, customers will already be accustomed to these floors as they have used them in over the road trailers, horse, livestock, and many other heavy duty units.

When considering its tongue-and-groove connecting system, the extruded aluminum floors are clearly the strongest and most durable flooring system on any truck bed and aluminum side of the market. These floors are designed to haul barrels, feeders, and equipment that many other all aluminum bodies in the industry are not currently designed to haul.

When combined with many of the other great features on CM Truck Beds aluminum bodies including 3 ½” x 3 ½” headache racks, recessed toolboxes, B and W rated Trailer Hitches, LED lights standard, and integrated steel chassis, it is clear that CM Truck Beds aluminum lineup of truck beds is a best in class in the industry.

With quality customers deserve and reliability they can count on, CM Truck Beds will continue to see unparalleled results in the aluminum truck bed marketplace.